[К. Шоршин/Нелле]

You are the One…

I want your soul to be released
And turned into the stone,
I want your soul to shine in mist
And be inlaid in dome.

If you had cried and suffered much,
The diamond it will be.
And if your glance as water’s touch,
You’ll leave sapphire to me.

Look in to my eyes and hear the Call,
Repeat my every word:
“Please, free my mind and take my soul
To the Temple of the World.
Please, give me force, let me reflect
Your glory and thus shine.
And let me die, and resurrect
Into the Temple my divine.”

You are the One,
Rose over dust!
I’ll take you home
By SilverCast!
You are the One!
You are the One!

Open the gates, fling them to me!
Design for me a facet,
From pain and tears, oh, set me free,
From now I’m blessed!

And through my blood, through my essence
You gave me wings to fly —
So, let me die!
Oh, let me DIE!

He took my heart and pulled it out
From my chest — I could not shout.
He opened fist: gem there lied.
He called my name — [Alexandrite]