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«Dancing With The Silence» presentation

SilverCast are to present their new EP called «Dancing With The Silence» on the 23d of May in Saint Petersburg well-known metal club «Arctica».
Visitors will be provided with free CDs upon request.
Also, other metal bands will be playing there. It’s going to be the most spectacular heavy festival at the end of spring.

SilverCast supported Sonata Arctica in St.Petersburg

On the 13th February 2010 SilverCast acted as a supporting band for Sonata Arctica show in St.Petersburg, Russia (club «Zal ozhidanya»).
It was a great pleasure for younger musicians! Some of SilverCast members used to listen to Sonata Arctica’s songs for years. So the concert itself went not just well, but awesome and inspiring.